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Responding to the Daily Mail's scrutiny of the BBC's Dragons' Den Selection Process

Recently, the Daily Mail published an article scrutinising the BBC's process for selecting candidates to appear on Dragons' Den, particularly in light of the controversial presentation by Giselle Boxer and her ear seeds business. The article also mentioned Neitiv and other companies that have appeared on previous shows. In response, I believe it's crucial to offer insights into the reality behind our Dragons' Den appearance and shed light on the meticulous process involved.

Daily Mail on BBC

Daily mail on Neitiv

Our journey with Dragons' Den began when the show's production team discovered our product online just a month after we launched our website - (Launched on 8th March 2021). The researcher appreciated our unique product and the ethos of Neitiv Coconut Flower Beer showcased on our website. They reached out to us, inviting us to complete the application form. However, it's important to note that while we were invited to apply, it was by no means a simple process. The team emphasised that submitting the application did not guarantee success; rather, it marked the beginning of a rigorous selection process.

1. Submitting the Application Form

At first, we hesitated to pursue the opportunity as our one-month-old business hadn't engaged in any marketing efforts, and we lacked a solid financial track record. Therefore, we were unsure about presenting for investment. Additionally, the prospect of public speaking, especially on a televised platform, was daunting for me. However, the researcher convinced and encouraged us by citing instances where companies appeared on Dragons' Den with just an idea. Their appreciation for our unique product and sustainable, ethical approach further motivated us to proceed with the application.

2. Interviews with Showrunner - Phone and Video Calls

Following an initial phone interview, we progressed to a video call. Subsequently, we were informed of our successful interview and asked to send a sample of our product to the production team.

3. Sending Samples

Upon sending the sample, it was well-received by the production team, affirming our progression to the next stage. 

4. Pitching Video

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the traditional face-to-face interview was replaced with a requirement for a one-minute pitching video. After submission, we were notified of our advancement to the next stage for an interview with the show producer.

5. Interviews with Producer

Both Keeran and I underwent separate video/phone interviews with the producer, leading to our successful progression to the next stage.

6. Due Diligence Process

The subsequent due diligence process involved meticulous scrutiny, requiring extensive documentation to substantiate claims regarding quality, safety, legality, financial, and ethical production practices.

Despite being approached by the showrunners, our journey was far from effortless, it demanded months of dedication and hard work. The rigorous requirements and stages of the selection process were indeed challenging, culminating in a gruelling experience.

When we were ultimately chosen from a pool of hundreds of candidates to pitch to the Dragons, it was an incredibly gratifying moment. For those curious about our Dragons' Den experience (Season 19, Episode 2 – 13th January 2022), we've detailed the full story on the Neitiv blog here.

Thank you for allowing me to provide clarity on our Dragons' Den journey amidst the recent scrutiny on BBC. We remain grateful for the opportunity and the invaluable lessons learned along the way.

Sarah Bowling_Neitiv

Watch us here: 👉Dragons' Den 👉BBC Interview

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