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Coconut Flower

Coconut Flower

The coconut palm is one of the most useful trees in the world, and referred to as the "tree of life". It is the cultural icon of the tropics. Most coconut palms begin flowering at around four to six years old, producing a canoe shaped sheath up to 3 feet long called ‘spathe’ (large bud).

Coconut Flower

A group of flowers that grow inside the ‘spathe’ is called the inflorescence. The inflorescence carries both male and female flowers. The male flower is borne on the top of spikelets, whereas female flowers are situated at the base of spikelets (unit of inflorescence).

Coconut Flower

Male flowers look like tiny lilies and female flowers look like small coconuts. Male flowers are smaller but more numerous than female flowers. Flowering occurs continuously and, with the help of insects and wind, male flowers pollinate the female flowers.

Coconut Flower Drops


Just like any flower, coconut flowers or inflorescence produce nectar. The raw coconut flower nectar is known as coconut flower sap or Coconut Flower Drops (CFD). Customarily, it has more than 20 names in various local languages in tropical countries. Coconut Flower Drops taste heavenly, and are 100% natural and healthy. The drops are the unfermented ready to drink beverage that naturally drip from the flowers of the coconut tree. They are sweet and mild gold translucent in colour. The taste may slightly differ according to seasons, soil and type of coconut trees. Coconut Flower Drops are rare and fragile due to the sensitivity of their highly nutritional makeup. Hence, they are currently produced in small batches. Ancient literatures say Coconut Flower Drops were consumed as a daily health booster for centuries and as a Ayurvedic remedial elixir. How do they taste? Imagine a whole coconut (coconut meat, coconut water and coconut embryo) in a single liquid form. Taste Coconut Flower Drops in their natural form for the very first time in the UK soon.


Coconut Flower Drops are obtained by tapping the inflorescence of the coconut palm before sunrise. This highly intricate work can only be done by highly skilled farmers. The Coconut Flower Drops are collected in a chilled container, where the container is fastened to the inflorescence stump or spathe. It is important for the Coconut Flower Drops to be sustained in an end-to-end cold chain, to maintain their purity. Interestingly, Coconut Flower Drops have the innate talent of attracting live cultures (yeast and bacteria) that provide health benefits. This also means they are likely to start fermenting naturally in a high temperature climate without human intervention. In other words, Coconut Flower Drops have the inborn skill of naturally transforming from unfermented Coconut Flower Drops to a fermented Coconut Flower Wine, and finally to a fermented Coconut Flower Vinegar. Thanks to Mother Nature for this amazing gift in three variations! 

Coconut Flower Drops Tapper
Coconut Flower Drops Tapper


Coconut Flower Drops (CFD) were an everyday nutritional health beverage, tapped directly from the coconut tree in tropics in ancient time. Sadly, this is no longer the case. This is because there are no longer many tree climbers - they are hard to find and having this skill is rare. Tapping CFD from the coconut flower requires specific talent for the climbers, who have to climb to the top of the coconut tree to tap and collect the drops from the inflorescence before sunrise. This is very dangerous and risky. Hence, it requires special skills with extensive experience as well as a high insurance coverage for the climbers. Additionally, it is very important for CFD to be maintained in an end-to-end cold chain setup and routine i.e. from the point of collection at the top of the tree to the custom-built plant, including cold chain transportation and shipment in order to maintain its purity and nutritional values. CFD is currently produced in small batches in Kerala and Tamil Nadu but to increase CFD supply, we are collaborating with farmers in various parts of India, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia along with research centres in designing innovative methods to improve its production quantity and sustainability as well as developing skills for farmers and ensuring utmost safety for tree climbers.


Coconut Flower Drops

COMING SOON: The heavenly tasting, healthy essence Coconut Flower Drops, will be introduced in their 100% natural form, as ready to drink beverage. This drink is five times more nutritional than coconut water.

Coconut Flower Wine

COMING SOON: The amazingly delicious low alcoholic traditional Coconut Flower Wine called ‘Callu’, is naturally fermented and the most sustainable alcoholic drink with a single ingredient and no addition of water.

Coconut Flower Beer

BUY NOW: The exotic, bold and unique Coconut Flower Beer is fine-tasting premium lager, brewed and bottled in the UK, combining the mother ingredient Coconut Flower Drops with home grown malted barley, oats, hops, and yeast.

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