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About US

Neitiv and its products encompass more than just a business and merchandise; they represent a series of capabilities and relationships across modern ecosystems. As an ethical small business with headquarters and a brewery located in Swindon and Hereford, we believe in fostering a global community-based ecosystem. This involves supporting one another to build positive and enduring relationships for a sustainable planet. We collaborate with farmers and artisans in the UK, as well as in villages in India, Thailand, and Vietnam. Join our mission for an inclusive society, a greener future, and the pleasure of savouring the taste of sustainability with every sip!

The Neitiv

Neitiv is the phonetic respelling of the word 'native,' signifying originality, indigeneity, and locality. Our logo draws inspiration from the 'Pasupathi' (Mahayogi) seal discovered at the Mohenjo-daro archaeological site, part of the ancient Indus Valley Civilisation - one of the world's oldest civilisations. The Mahayogi symbolises our spirit of mindfulness and Zen. Our ethos - Empowerment, Mindfulness, and Sustainability - defines who we are and what we believe in. We pledge that at each juncture of our journey, we will be transparent and make decisions aligned with our mission, values, and purpose.

Neitiv Founders

Vaani Vetriko and Keeran VetriKo, the driving force behind Neitiv, bring a rich multinational background to the brand as Malaysian-born British entrepreneurs. Crafting boutique, vegan, and sustainably produced offerings from the nutritious Coconut Flower Drops (CFD), stands as a testament to their unwavering dedication to innovation, sustainability, and delivering a unique experience. Neitiv embodies the living essence of Vaani’s and Keeran’s vision, dedicated to creating a positive and transformative impact within the beverage industry.

our Mission

Our mission is to reconnect our modern society to its natural roots by reintroducing eco-friendly and wholesome indigenous products from around the world. We are reviving and renewing ancient beverages and products in the hope of inspiring a more ethical and mindful way of life - one which nurtures appreciation for our earth and nature. Thus, implanting inner peace within us all. 

our Value - 3R & U

We see ourself as global citizens. What we love is learning and discovering extinct ancient cultures and traditions including their food, beverages and sustainable life style which can be revived and reintroduced to the modern world. We want to bring a positive ecosystem to our planet, helping to preserve our planet for the next generation and being thankful to Mother Nature.

Our value is built on the foundation of:

  • 3R & U – Revive, Renew, Recycle & Upcycle
  • Natural, Vegan, Eco-friendly, and Ethically-sourced products
  • Supporting Farmers and Artisans

Our Product

Coconut Flower Drops (CFD), the nectar extracted from coconut inflorescence, is a rich source of highly nutritious and probiotic goodness. All our offerings are uniquely crafted from CFD, earning it the distinguished title of the mother ingredient.

Coconut Flower Beer is a pioneering UK and world-first beverage that skillfully blends nutritious Coconut Flower Drops (CFD) with malted barley and hops, offering sweet, light, and hoppy lagers. Coconut Flower Vinegar, crafted from fermented CFD, provides significant health benefits such as improved gut health, reduced cholesterol, radiant skin, and weight management. Exciting variations, including Coconut Flower Cider, Coconut Flower Kombucha, Coconut Flower Ale, and Coconut Flower Wine, are in the pipeline.


Neitiv goes beyond being a brand; it embraces an eco-friendly, ethical, and socially responsible business model. At the core of our ambition is the 'Red🔴Dot' project, dedicated to addressing period stigma and period poverty. Additionally, we actively support and empower farmers and women artisans in marginalised communities through development programmes, job opportunities, ethical pay, and a commitment to work-life balance. Labelled with the slogan 'Coconut Flower Beer For Women,' our beverage celebrates women and invites all genders to join the mission, aiming to raise awareness, challenge cultural stigmas, promote equality, express solidarity, and support women's causes. Tell me more


We are taking extra steps towards the sustainability of our planet, doing our best to adhere to a policy of plastic-free and eco-friendly production, packaging and delivery as we endeavour to make the world a better place for our future generations. We offer ancient ways of enjoying nature at its best for a sustainable lifestyle. We reduce waste and use minimum water in our production. We use environmentally friendly aluminium bottles and ring caps. Our coconut shell cups and coconut shell candles are upcycled from reclaimed coconut shells, while our coconut leaf straw is crafted from upcycled coconut leaves. Every pack is delivered in our specially designed compact boxes. All material in our packaging is recyclable. We encourage our partners and suppliers to push boundaries on their sustainable practices.


Our pricing is influenced by many factors, but particularly by the high production cost of our mother ingredient Coconut Flower Drops, the fermentation method, our commitment to using sustainable packaging, and our pledge to support our farmers and artisans by paying ethical wages above the income standards. Why are Coconut Flower Drops costly? Because the nectar has to be tapped at the top of the coconut tree before sunrise, which is both challenging and risky – there are few who are skilled enough and their insurance is understandably high. The drops have to be collected in specially designed chilled containers, transported to a custom-built plant, and maintained in end-to-end cold chain logistics.

Our Adventure

We are proud to say, we are one of the pioneers in introducing Coconut Flower Drops in its unadulterated natural form and value-added beverages to the global world. We have been working on the research and development with coconut farmers, university research centres, and the leading British food and drink institute since 2018. Coconut Flower Drops are currently produced in small batches due to several challenges. The research and development activities are still in progress, to upscale and improve the production quantity and supply, as well as design innovative methods for the end-to-end supply chain.

During our visits to India in 2018 and 2019, we spoke to our farmers and artisans including their families to understand their challenges. Throughout our discussion, we realised that their children are not proud of their parents’ job since they were struggling to make ends meet. They had a wrong perception about their job, as they regard it as a second class or degrading job. At that very moment, we pledged to improve the lifestyle of our farmers/artisans and nurture their children with a positive mindset on farming and handcrafting, most importantly making them proud of their parents. As part of this undertaking, we are procuring products at an above market price, and paying a reasonable and ethical wage. Additionally, we are hoping to work with various charities and educational programmes for the betterment of children in villages and to promote farming and handcrafting with reclaimed materials.

Invest in the extraordinary! Our journey begins with us and continues with you.

Connect with us at and become a part of the Neitiv adventure.

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