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Coconut Shell Cups (Pack of 2)
Coconut Shell Cups (Pack of 2)
UNAVU Coconut Shell Cup - NEITIV
UNAVU Coconut Shell Cup - NEITIV
UNAVU Coconut Shell Cup - NEITIV
Load image into Gallery viewer, Coconut Shell Cups (Pack of 2)
Load image into Gallery viewer, Coconut Shell Cups (Pack of 2)
Load image into Gallery viewer, UNAVU Coconut Shell Cup - NEITIV
Load image into Gallery viewer, UNAVU Coconut Shell Cup - NEITIV
Load image into Gallery viewer, UNAVU Coconut Shell Cup - NEITIV

Coconut Shell Cups (Pack of 2)

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Introducing our addition to your eco-friendly living experience. The Unavu Coconut Shell Cup is the new way to drink your favourite beverage.

Coconut shell cups are unique, stylish and handcrafted with care, creating a complementary look for contemporary and sustainable living. These upcycled Unavu cups are perfectly imperfect, embodying the true essence of nature's beauty.

They are 100% natural and handmade from real coconuts, so every single one is unique in shape and size - lightweight yet durable, eco-friendly and reusable. We are offering you traditional ways of using nature at its best, delivered to your door. Let this natural and eco-friendly product be part of your sustainable lifestyle. Please read ‘My story’ to get to know more about where it was born and how it journeyed to the UK.

My Story

Hi, my name is Unavu Coconut Shell Cup. I was born in a small village called Kinathukadavu near Coimbatore, South India. My human father owns a small coconut farm, where his family survives on selling coconuts. Due to my small size, I was considered imperfect and discarded as waste. When I gave up on life and thought it was the end of my journey, my father’s daughter, in other words my human sister, a young female entrepreneur decided to upcycle me into a cup. Because of my hard, fragile nature, handcrafting me was time-consuming and cumbersome. But the amazing artisans from my village treated me with patience and care. Initially no one was interested in me, but all that changed in 2020 when Neitiv, a British company, contacted my sister.

They were mesmerised by my charm, and immediately offered to become my foster parents, working with my sister to further enhance and reveal my true beauty. My foster parents named me ‘Unavu Coconut Shell Cup’ - unavu means food in my mother tongue, Tamil. My journey then continued on, to the United Kingdom, where I was hand polished to become the perfect vessel to allow you to drink in style.

My foster parents are seeking a permanent home for me so I hope you will become my new parent. I am not multi-lingual as I am new to the UK, but I am learning English and looking forward to being part of your family, something you will love and cherish. I am 100% natural, so every one of us looks different in terms of colour, pattern, height and capacity, and we may have imperfections and markings. In that sense we are unique in our own way - just like you!

I am lucky to have been handpicked, upcycled and to have survived this long journey. So, I hope you will also take care of me by not exposing me to extreme heat, in a microwave or oven. If you feel I am losing my shine, just apply a thin layer of coconut oil and I will last even longer.

  • Made of 100% real coconut shell and handcrafted by artisans
  • Unique in its own shape, size, colour, imperfections and markings
  • Has natural coconut aroma
  • Food safe and non-toxic – free from any kind of toxins, chemicals and additives
  • 100% biodegradable, sustainable, environment-friendly and plastic-free
  • Vegan-friendly, upcycled and ethically-sourced
  • Coconut shell was cut and shaped into a designer cup in Coimbatore, India
  • The designer cup was improved and hand polished with coconut oil in Wiltshire, UK
Size & Texture
  • Average capacity: 230-350ml
  • Average height: 100-110mm
  • Texture: polished / semi-polished
  • Colour, pattern, finish, height and capacity may vary slightly
Care Instructions
  • Hand wash recommended
  • You can quickly and easily wash your coconut cups by hand, using lukewarm soapy water
  • The coconut shell cups are ideal for room temperature and cold drinks
  • Do not expose to extreme heat
  • Avoid placing in the oven, microwave, dishwasher, or fridge

We’re sure your new Unavu Coconut Shell Cup will help you take a step closer towards that eco feeling! If you feel like your cup is losing its shine, just apply a thin layer of coconut oil to make it last even longer.


Each one is unique, which means colour, pattern, finish, height and capacity may slightly differ as coconut shell cups are a product of nature.

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