Vegan | Low Calorie

Juicy and sweet lager with a hint of sourness and rich coconut finish


Vegan | Lowest Calorie

Bright and light lager with a hint of hops and mild coconut finish



Crisp and smooth lager with a hint of coconut and mild hoppy finish


Take a break and indulge in Coconut Flower Beer, accompanied by the pleasing aroma of a coconut candle. Experience a deep sense of calm and well-being!

All our packs are giftable for a loved one or treat yourself to enjoy any time of year

RELAXING WITH Coconut Flower Beer

Enjoy and experience our fine-tasting premium lager that is light, delicious and refreshing to drink. Our exotic, bold and unique Coconut Flower Beer is carefully crafted with the rare and exclusive mother ingredient, Coconut Flower Drops and double fermented. It is in effect a work of art from recipe, to brewing, to branding, all the way to customer experience. Explore the intricate flavours of Coconut Flower Beer and the guilt free experience.

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Neitiv Coconut Shell Candle

Calming With Coconut shell candle

Imagine a beach with golden sand, turquoise waves, and Coconut Flower Beer... in other words, a few moments of relaxation! As time and space did not allow us to transport you to an exotic island, we brought the exotic island to you, through the power of the imagination, aided by our Coconut Shell Candle. The mild coconut aroma is pleasing, subtle and creamy, offering a relaxing and soothing scent that fills your home with tranquillity and will make you reminisce about your last trip to the beach.

Coconut Flower Drops

Savouring The mother ingredient, coconut flower drops

The most important ingredient of Coconut Flower Beer is the Coconut Flower Drops (CFD), hence we call it the mother ingredient. It is the precious nectar or sap that naturally drips from the flowers of the coconut tree. CFD is the most heavenly tasting, 100% natural healthy essence created by Mother Nature. It is collected by highly skilled farmers, who go out before sunrise to tap it from unopened inflorescences high up in coconut trees. CFD is known as the ancient health giver and Ayurvedic elixir, that is highly nutritional and rich in antioxidants.

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COMBATING Period poverty

Raise your voice to end period poverty! Most people, especially men, avoid talking about periods. Period is a sign of good health. Neitiv Red Dot Project is striving towards an ambitious goal of eliminating period shame and poverty in the UK and many other countries. We believe all women and menstruating people should have access to menstrual care during their period; it should be a basic human right. By purchasing Coconut Flower Beer For Women (CFB4W), you are helping us to work towards our goal. Together we empower!

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We are part of a global community and that means contributing to positive change! We proudly launched our first step on a journey to changing the deep-rooted stigma of women drinking beer. Our purpose driven Coconut Flower Beer can be enjoyed and experienced by people of all genders. With open arms and minds, we hope the name, Coconut Flower Beer For Women (CFB4W), will encourage acceptance, positivity and openness at all times. To foster a space without judgement.

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Did you know?

By Purchasing CFB4W you are helping us to work towards our goal of eliminating period poverty in the UK and many other countries.

By Drinking CFB4W you are smashing gender stereotypes and empowering all people to enjoy beer/alcohol without negative consequences.

By Enjoying CFB4W you are empowering women farmers/artisans in marginalised communities through development programmes.

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