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Ninkasi | Sweet | ABV1.5%
Ninkasi | Sweet | ABV1.5%
Ninkasi | Sweet | ABV1.5%
Ninkasi | Sweet | ABV1.5%
Ninkasi | Sweet | ABV1.5%
Load image into Gallery viewer, Ninkasi | Sweet | ABV1.5%
Load image into Gallery viewer, Ninkasi | Sweet | ABV1.5%
Load image into Gallery viewer, Ninkasi | Sweet | ABV1.5%
Load image into Gallery viewer, Ninkasi | Sweet | ABV1.5%
Load image into Gallery viewer, Ninkasi | Sweet | ABV1.5%

Ninkasi | Sweet | ABV1.5%

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Pack of 8 | Sweet Lager | Vegan

Ninkasi is an amazing sweet lager that can be your guilt-free comfort drink due to its low-calorie and low-alcohol qualities. It can also be the perfect partner to mix into smoothies or gin cocktails. Ninkasi is named after the tutelary goddess of beer in ancient Sumerian religious mythology.

  • 8 x 330ml Coconut Flower Beer | ABV 1.5% | Juicy and sweet with a hint of sourness and rich coconut finish 
  • 1 x Coconut Shell Candle | Subtle scent of coconut aroma | Free*
  • 1 x Mandala Mindfulness Colouring Sheet | A5 size | Free*
    • Unique ingredient, Coconut Flower Drops
    • Light, easy and refreshing to drink - No bitter taste 
    • Low alcohol, low calorie, vegan, and gluten-free
    • Double fermented fine-tasting premium lager
    • Brewed and bottled in the UK
    • No added flavours, sugar, sweetener or preservatives
    • 100% natural, eco-friendly and ethically sourced
    • Minimal foam and less bloating
    • Sedimentation of Coconut Flower Drops
    • Copper toned aluminium bottle with ring cap
    • Complimentary coconut shell candle*
    • Complimentary mandala colouring sheet*
    • Beer with purpose

    To learn about Coconut Flower Beer and the unique experience, click here

      • Taste: Juicy and sweet with a hint of sourness and rich coconut finish
      • Calories: 28kcal/100ml
      • UK Unit: 0.5
      • Colour: Pale-amber
      • Bottle Design: Light copper toned matt finish aluminium bottle with black ring cap
      • Highlights: Low Alcohol | Low Calorie | Vegan | Gluten-free
      • Special Feature: A divine partner to mix into smoothies or gin cocktails
      • Available in Ninkasi and Discovery Packs


        To celebrate the launch of Coconut Flower Beer, we are offering complimentary gifts with all our packs for a limited time only*

        • Coconut Shell Candle with coir stand base: The mildly scented, handcrafted and upcycled coconut shell candle, creates a soothing and relaxing ambience. To learn more about our coconut shell candle, click here
        • Mandala Art: The complimentary mandala colouring sheet is for you to colour in and meditate with. Share your creativity, the coloured mandala, on Instagram or Facebook and stand a chance of winning £100 worth of vouchers. Learn More
          • Ninkasi is the tutelary goddess of beer in ancient Sumerian religious mythology. Ninkasi is the goddess who would prepare the beverage daily to ‘satisfy the desire’ and ‘sate the heart’.
          • In many cultures around the world beer is still considered an immoral drink for women. Even in the UK, beer is perceived as a male drink. Despite beer being our traditional drink, only 17% of British women drink beer compared to 53% men. Almost half of young women, 48%, do not drink beer because of male oriented advertising. And sadly, 17% fear they will be judged for drinking beer. 
          • Our beer is gender neutral but our purpose has gender. It is labelled, Coconut Flower Beer For Women to make women feel more invited and welcome. Ultimately, to raise awareness, provide support, and confront the deep-rooted stigma in many cultures towards women drinking beer. It challenges head on the stigma, and at the same time encourages men to enjoy the beer in a show of solidarity. Learn More

          Coconut Flower Beer is fine-tasting premium lager that is light, easy and refreshing to drink. Lager is a type of beer, distinguished from other beers by the yeast used to ferment it and maturing it at a low temperature. Coconut Flower Beer is brewed using lager yeast and carefully crafted in two stages of fermentation, which means it takes around eight weeks to produce. Primary fermentation uses conventional lager ingredients: malted barley, oats, hops and water. Secondary fermentation sees the addition of the magical Coconut Flower Drops, with their beneficial live cultures which make the drink so fascinating! The exotic, bold and unique Coconut Flower Beer that is brewed and bottled in the UK, is in effect a work of art - from recipe, to brewing, to branding, all the way to customer experience, it is not just a drink, it is an experience!

          • Allergen ingredients: Barley and Oats 
          • Mother ingredient: Coconut Flower Drops 

          To learn about Coconut Flower Drops, click here


          Many households don’t have a bottle opener unless they drink beer regularly. So instead of the regular crown cap which requires a bottle opener, we decided to adopt this innovative ring cap. Opening the ring cap is easy with this guide. Learn More

          We need your feedback, so tell us what you think of the ring cap by writing to us.

          Pricing Strategy

          Our pricing is influenced by many factors, but particularly by the high production cost of our mother ingredient Coconut Flower Drops, the double fermentation method, our commitment to using sustainable packaging, and our pledge to support our farmers and artisans by paying ethical wages above the income standards.

          Why are Coconut Flower Drops costly? Because the nectar has to be tapped at the top of the coconut tree before sunrise, which is both challenging and risky – there are few who are skilled enough and their insurance is understandably high. The drops have to be collected and stored in specially designed chilled containers, transported to a custom-built plant, and maintained in end-to-end cold chain logistics.

          • Product label: Our intention was not to offend anyone, or alienate any group with the name of our beer. Please don’t construe the name literally. Coconut Flower Beer For Women, can be enjoyed and experienced by people of all genders. 
          • Less bloating: Our focus group found unanimously that Coconut Flower Beer does not cause an uncomfortable, bloated feeling. We’d love to hear if you agree, so please share your experience by writing to us.
          • Taste: The taste of Coconut Flower Beer may slightly differ from batch to batch. This is because of our mother ingredient, Coconut Flower Drops. Coconut Flower Drops are 100% natural - created by nature, their taste subtly changes according to seasons, region, soil and the type of coconut trees.
          • Gluten-free: Ninkasi, Sweet Lager (ABV1.5%) is Gluten-free with less than 3ppm gluten (the requirement is less than 20ppm to be classified as 'gluten-free'). Since we are reducing the gluten-level through our process, we conduct test for each of our production to identify the gluten-level.
          • Coconut shell candle: Each one is unique, which means colour, pattern, finish, height and capacity may slightly differ as coconut shells are a product of nature.
          • Candle burning time: 18-25 hours - This is based on comprehensive testing at 3 hour burn intervals. They are to be taken as a general guide only and will vary based on how you use the candles and the unique variations in their size.

            Our beer shouldn't be a thing you drink just to get drunk. So, please drink within the recommended limits. If you are feeling depressed or suffering from anxiety, alcohol is not the solution. To seek help from alcohol support services, click here.


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