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Let’s Rethink The Way We Celebrate Father’s Day!

It’s that time of year when many countries celebrate the paternal gentleman in their lives. A great opportunity to let our dads, uncles and grandpas…know how much they mean to us.  

Father's Day

So I headed out to pick up a little something for my dad and children’s dada, as I browsed the selection of greeting cards on the shop shelves and squirmed at the selection of gifts on offer, I found myself questioning the way many of us celebrate our dads! The selections are so stereotypical! Not all dads like gardening, golf and making corny dad jokes!! There is for sure an assumption across many of the shops greeting card and marketing teams that all dads love some sort of ball sport, go around farting all day and spend far too much time in their shed!

Beer For Dads

As a girl who has always had a dad that breaks the ‘norm’, these sexist views on what men like to do and how ‘dads’ should behave has always been foreign to me. Back when tattoos were not fashionable my dad would rock up to my school sports day proudly displaying his tattoo sleeves and winning the dads race in his skinny jeans and Dr Martens. Thus, I have always tried to think of imaginative and unique gifts that suit my dad…and not the clone dad we are led to believe exists. The same applies for my children’s Dada, yes he does love football and mowing the lawn, but he also loves Dolly Parton and drinking red wine in addition to beer!  

Now there is one stereotype we cannot argue with, in that a lot of dads do enjoy a nice cold beer! But this is 2022 and as we are all for encouraging trying something new why not treat dad to a delicious pack of Neitiv Coconut Flower Beer that supports women's causes. It’s perfect to enjoy in the sunshine, is kind to our planet and our bodies and is the perfect beverage to share with a loved one! I cannot wait to ‘cheers’ my children’s dad with a refreshing bottle of Dea Latis on this Father's Day.


In addition to a nice drink good food is a must have and cannot be forgotten! People in South Africa often enjoy picnics on Father’s Day or spend the afternoon fishing in hope of securing a catch for dinner. Why not do something similar, a park picnic with dad or go shopping to a local market or high street together, plan your meal and then cook and eat together. 


Go and buy your dad some flowers! One of the biggest surprises to me is that the shops are not laden with a Father’s Day selection of bouquets and plants! So strange considering all of our dads are supposed to idolise their gardens! Why not choose a beautiful bunch dad can admire, or pick your own bunch of wildflowers tailored to your dad’s favourite colours?  In Thailand children start the day off by presenting their fathers with a Canna flower, which is considered to be a masculine plant and flowers are an integral part of a Father’s Day celebration in Japan. 


The natives of Kathmandu Valley in Nepal honour their fathers on the day of Gokarna Aunsi, It simply means ‘day for looking at father’s face’. Take inspiration from this take lots of pictures of you and your dad together. Let the memories last forever.  You could even arrange a father and children photo short or get creature and create your own masterpieces of one another!


Across India fathers are also encouraged to spend quality time with their children and instil in them noble values and manners. I think we often forget our parents have lived through many experiences and have many a tale to share. Why not sit down and just listen to your dads’ stories. Even ask him to write them down so you can re-read them in the future. 


Have the best day, whatever you get up to, cherish every second you get with your dad. Whether they are your biological father, stepfather, adoptive, grandad, uncle…fathers come in many wonderful forms and different roles. How refreshing it would be to take a new outlook on the way Father’s Day is celebrated. Bin the clichés and treat dad to something as unique as he is!   

How do you celebrate Father’s Day? We would love to hear about any quirky gifts and traditions you and your dad may have!  

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❤️ Happy Father's Day ❤️ 



I am a busy mama of 2, with a love of great food, and good music. A Neitiv blogger, an animal lover, intrigued by naturopathy, I feel at peace when in the great outdoors exploring. 




Beer for fathers

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  • Beautifully written and so thought provoking. I loved this. Never liked father’s Day cards (nor mother’s day , for that matter ) always made my own.
    Going to order my first bottles

    Elaine Cotterell
  • What a wonderfully refreshing spin on Fathers Day and one I wholeheartedly share! Same goes for Mother’s Day too in my opinion. My Dad passed away at the start of Covid sadly but although he played golf he also played bowls, adored red wine and rambling.
    The cards for these occasions are so uninspiring.
    Thank you for bringing it into the frame for change.
    I also learnt some interesting traditions too!
    I love what this brand stands for and will share the love!

    Julie Ellis

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