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10 ideas to Celebrate Christmas in a meaningful way!🎄

10 ideas to Celebrate Christmas in a meaningful way!🎄

'Tis the season to be jolly!' I love the build up to Christmas and the day itself. I’ve now had 35 Christmas days and I feel like a little mix up could be a good thing! Not only because a change can do you good, but also because I feel a little less Christmas guilt is necessary for my conscience and the world!

So I’m sharing some ideas on how to have a unique Christmas this year, one that helps spread love for others and our planet. And also, to cultivate some new Christmas traditions with our family.

Christmas 2

1️⃣ Candlelit Christmas Eve - set the scene, candles are lit, electricity is off, cosy up under the blankets, relax, talk, sing, read or tell stories…Pass on your favourite tales… what’s more cosy and magical!

netiv cosy

2️⃣ Become nuts about nut roasts and give the turkeys a break! 8.5 million to 9 million turkeys are bred each year for the festive period and for our gratification! You can make your own nut roast, or head to the supermarket, they have some great plant-based alternatives on offer! Ya, let’s have a guilt-free Vegan Christmas. 

Vegan Christmas

3️⃣ Instead of pulling traditional crackers around the dinner table (way too much unnecessary waste and pricey!) instead share your own joke/funny story, and something you love about those you are lucky enough to be sitting around the table with.


4️⃣ Make someone’s day with your leftovers. We all buy too much and overindulge at this time of year. You for sure will have enough food on Xmas day to feed an army! Don’t let it go to waste, knock on neighbours doors who are living alone. They may be there. They may not, but if they are I’m sure the gesture of a yummy home cooked meal will be welcomed. You may also offer the meal to homeless people.

5️⃣ Re gift unwanted gifts - we all have them, stored away in a cupboard somewhere. We’re thankful but we will never use them…what’s one person’s trash is another’s treasure!


6️⃣ Give living gifts -  mini trees, potted plants or seeds! A gift that keeps on living. 

candle plant

7️⃣ Gift your time - gift an evening of babysitting, or a dog walk. Maybe even offer to clean someone’s house or paint their nails or give them a massage!

8️⃣ Switch up your tipple to something ethical and delicious - Neitiv offers some gorgeous gift sets which anyone would be delighted to receive this Christmas! Neitiv offers 15% discount till 31st Dec 2022. [Code: NEITIV15] 

neitiv gift

9️⃣ Set a new family tradition. Be open and talk about your childhood, family history, beautiful memories, hardships, struggles and success. Let the children learn about you and your past mistakes. Share interesting and significant stories about your life. Talk about future plans and ambitions. Carry on this tradition every year.

christmas story

🔟 Recycle & Upcycle - save the planet! On Boxing Day, take an hour out of the day to 're-use' and 're-cycle'. You could even get crafty with your little ones. Upcycle some of the Xmas litter! And not to forget, recycling and upcycling should be the core activity of our everyday life.

neitiv candle plant

If you decide to make any change to your Christmas this year we would love to hear about them! Please share your ideas/pictures with us! We love to be part of a community which inspires one another!

Neitiv Christmas

🌴 Happy Coconutty Christmas 🎄

I am a busy mama of 2, with a love of great food, and good music. A Neitiv blogger, an animal lover, intrigued by naturopathy, I feel at peace when in the great outdoors exploring. 



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