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The Wrong Score_Euro2020 | Neitiv

The Wrong Score

It’s Euro 2020, the second half is almost over with a few minutes to spare. Your team is behind, but a simple goal could lead to victory. The crowd is going wild with adrenaline pumping as the cheer for their team to make win the game. A quick pass, a dribble, and as the striker kicks the ball to score the whole arena goes silent. It’s as if time itself has stopped, the clock ticking down with only seconds left. As the ball flies to goal the stadium gets louder and louder. Just when it looks like the ball is going in, it slightly misses the goal and leaves the crowd in a mixture of anger and adrenaline.

Football games are a time for good food, friends, and an overall great time. It’s only right that nearly everyone has a drink with beer being the chosen one. However, recent studies in England have shown that a trend of rising domestic abuse when Three Lions loses a game. According to the study by Lancaster University in 2013, reported domestic abuse cases rose by a whopping 38% on the days England lost and 26% when England won or drew a match.

The Office of National Statistics reports that an estimated 1.9 million adults aged 16-59 had experienced domestic abuse by the end of 2017. Approximately 1.2 million of the victims were women with 713,000 were men. Domestic abuse related crimes accounted for 32% of all crimes in 2017.

According to, two-thirds of victims of domestic violence reported the abuser had been drinking prior to the incidents. They also state that alcohol is not the sole reason behind domestic abuse but rather a contributing factor that increases the risk of domestic incidents happening. Not only does the abusers use alcohol but women who are abused are 15 times more likely to become alcoholics according to the World Health Organisation.

Authorities in the UK have started to buckle down on domestic abuse especially during football season. Many have started a campaign of giving red cards for domestic abuse and giving out stern warnings of no tolerance.

I have personally witnessed domestic abuse between my mother and father with my father being the abuser. Just about every single time a fight would occur they both would have been drinking right before the incident. Domestic abuse is hard to process especially as a kid. My dad tried to explain his actions, but the main excuse would be I was drunk, and I didn’t mean it.

During Euro 2020, please drink responsibly and remember it’s only game! Don’t risk going to jail, ruining your life or your partners life over football. Enjoy the game as it is meant to be and remember domestic violence will be given the red flag so drink responsibly!

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