Why do coconuts have 3 holes in them?

The three "holes" are the result of the 3 carpels in coconut flowers, and three carpels is typical of the family Arecaceae (Palms). The "holes" are actually germination pores, where one is usually functional and the other two are plugged. The new coconut shoot will emerge from the functional, open, germination pore.

Coconut shoots grow leaves first before roots come through so the baby plant can manufacture its own food and thrust the root down. There's a lot of energy stored in a coconut and that might come in handy when it lands on a sandy beach.

As you may know, Coconut is a palm that evolved from palms with 3 fruits. Palmyra for example has 3 fruits in its husks. Now if you go back to the coconut, it has 3 eyes, it has 3 ribs, indicating conjunction. Once upon a time on the earth coconut also had 3 fruits inside the husk. Due to evolution all the 3 joined together and unified.


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