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10 thoughtful Mother’s Day ideas to remind every mama that they are loved! 'Thank you Mum' ❤️

Mother’s Day is celebrated in the UK on March 27, but many countries around the world celebrate Mother's Day at different times of the year. For example, in the US, Germany, Malaysia, China, and almost 100 other countries, Mother’s day is celebrated on May 8. Although the date changes from country to country, it always falls on a Sunday.

Mother’s Day is about honouring mothers and their influence in society. It’s the time to say ‘thank you’ to those we call mum. 


How many times have you said ‘thank you’ with a bunch of flowers, or a box of chocolates? I have lost count! Whilst each of these are always gratefully received, gifting something a little different this year is sure to be a welcome surprise.

I racked my brain and came up some fresh ideas for gifting this Mothering Sunday;

1. Turn chef and make your mama a three course dinner or lunch with a personalised menu. It’s your turn to wait on her. Think of her favourite foods and cook them from scratch.
Don’t forget the beverages! What is more thoughtful and unique than a coconut flower beer for woman. Neitiv is currently offering a discount! [IWD1NEITIV]
2. Go for a walk - find a place of natural beauty near or far and take mum for a walk. What a wonderful chance to share some quality one to one time, whilst taking in some beautiful scenery, getting some fresh air and having the chance to have a chat. 
3. Spa day at home - Light some of Neitiv’s coconut candles, put on a chilled playlist, run mum a bath, face masks/nail varnishes and delicious snacks to hand…and relax. Fruit platter, chocolate and light desserts are great for spa days. Along with herbal teas and a coconut flower beer or two…you are in the comforts of your own home after all! 
If you fancy splashing the cash a little, why not even hire in a mobile masseuse or beautician for you and your mum to have some professional treatments. 

4. Start a mini book club with your mum. Gift her some books you think she would enjoy, and plan which one you will both begin to read. Plan a catch up once every fortnight or month where you will chat about what you have read so far. As you read you will feel connected to one another knowing you are witnessing the same pages at the same time, and also creating another chance to meet regularly for some quality time together.

5. Conquer a fear together - She was there from the very beginning with you, even before you were born. You were once a part of her. What better duo than the 2 of you to conquer a fear together. Decide on something you’ve always wanted to do but never been brave enough and go for it!! 

6. Make your own bouquet - This time take gifting flowers to a new level. Up the effort level, pick wildflowers or visit a local independent florist and hand pick the bouquet yourself. Think about which flowers remind you and your mum and make a unique bunch. 

7. Take a walk down memory lane - Ask mum to get out the old photo albums, sit together, look through them and reminisce.  

8. Say Cheese - Take a recent picture of you and mum together and frame it One for you, and one for mum. I bet it’s been a while since you took an up-to date photo of just the two of you. 

9. Introduce your mum to something new - Buy her a new product you know she has never tried. Neitiv’s Divine gift set is the perfect way to enjoy a new drinking experience.

10. To do list - Ask your mum to write down 5 things she would like you both to do together in the coming year. Make sure they are all ticked off by next Mother’s Day. Just in time for her to make her new mother and child bucket list. 

To all the mothers, mummy’s, mamas, step mamas, foster mums, grandmas, aunties…and all who play a motherly role may this you each feel loved and appreciated on this dedicated day and always. 

To all those yet to become mums, those who have chosen not to be a mama, to those who have lost their mums or have never had a mum, or whose time being a mum was cut way to short - sending you an abundance of love and wishing that on this day you find peace and strength and know that in all your entirety you are enough, you are incredible and you are loved. 

Happy Mother's Day!  


I am a busy mama of 2, with a love of great food, and good music. A Neitiv blogger, an animal lover, intrigued by naturopathy, I feel at peace when in the great outdoors exploring. 



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