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The ‘Girl Power’ checklist… 15 Things To Do On International Women’s Day!

As a little girl I watched the music videos of the Spice Girls on repeat, singing ‘Zig a Zig Ah’ loudly and donning every piece of Spice merchandise available. I loved all the girls for different reasons but was always drawn to scary spice! I think it was her feisty presence and the fact she didn’t dress ‘girly’. Fast forward 20 years and I now realise that although I didn’t know it at the time, this was my introduction to female empowerment and all things Girl Power!

Now as a mama with a daughter (and a son) living in an unequal world, with stereotypes still apparent in all directions, although improved I still see a long way to go so that us females are deemed equal to men. Thus, I jump at the chance each year to celebrate this day - International Women's Day (IWD), a day dedicated to promoting women and all things female!

The recognised theme for this year is ‘Break The Bias’ so I decided to make a checklist of things I could do with both the females and males in my life to empower, educate and honour all us ladies…and continue to break the bias.

  1. What better way to begin than by breaking the beer bias and indulging in a Coconut Flower Beer for Women. Pull that ring, listen to that fizz and enjoy!! (Neitiv currently offers a 25% off promotion to celebrate IWD and its 1st Birthday! Code: IWD1NEITIV
  1. Tell the females in your life how awesome they are! IWD is the day to remind the women in your life they are worth it! Text 5 of your female friends and family members and tell them ‘You’re Awesome’. 

  1. Crank up the speaker and sing it loud and proud. Here are some must listen to female empowering tunes to get you started: 🔊

    • Can’t Hold Us Down - Christina Aguilera & Lil Kim
    • Respect - Aretha Franklin
    • Girl on Fire - Alisha Keys
    • Bad Girls - M.I.A
    • It Takes More - Ms Dynamite (a personal favourite)
    • Independent Woman Part I - Destiny’s Child
    • New rules - Dua Lipa
    • Spice Up Your Life – The Spice Girls (Had to be included!)
    1. Nominate special women in your life to win Neitiv gift sets by tagging them in Neitiv Facebook or Instagram pages. (Neitiv’s 1st giveaway to celebrate IWD and its 1st anniversary). 

    2. Wear it across your chest. There are some fantastic t-shirts and hoodies out there with slogans and designs promoting equality of the sexes. I came across this fab company, creating tees and more ‘designed by independent feminist artists passionate about gender parity.’  Feminist Apparel

    3. Learn about great women in history and how they have impacted our world…and most importantly share your new found knowledge. Did you know what Razia Sultan, Chien-Shiung Wu and Amelia Earhart did? Or did you know the story of Rosa Parks, Lin Siniang and Savitribai Phule? Let’s Celebrate women's achievements with others loudly. 👏🏼👏🏼

    1. Sign a petition… or even start one! Find a female focused cause and get behind it! 

    2. Buy from and support female owned businesses. When women support each other, incredible things can happen!

    3. Watch movies with strong or lead female role models. 

    4. Like me, if you love baking, make a cake! Do you remember how the nursery rhyme went…’sugar and spice and all things nice’ that’s your recipe! Get creative and make something delicious. Hell, even light a candle on top and blow it out! Happy IWD to you! ...You may invite your family and friends to join your celebration. 

    5. Make an International Women's Day poster and put it up! Share it on social media, stick it on notice boards in your community. 

    6. Take up a non-traditional female hobby and males the opposite. Females can play football!!! And some of the best ballet dancers in the world are men!! 

    7. Spread the word - use your language wisely! Manifest equality in your conversations and interactions with others. And whilst promoting positivity also remember to stop with any stereotyping and assumptions based on a person’s gender. Don’t call girls beautiful… call them strong, courageous, and clever. 💪🏼

    8. Just say, 'I'm Proud of Myself' - Make a list of 5 things that make you proud. Why not, have a girls day out, and ask everyone to make a list. Let's be proud of each other’s achievements! 

    9. Relax and take a peaceful warm bath with a coconut candle and a chilled bottle of Coconut Flower Beer For Women – You deserve it! 


                What is the most important thing you can do to help empower women? I vow to continue encouraging myself, my daughter, my son, and partner to promote equality and work to break the bias…will you join me?

                Why not share this checklist with your friends…boys and girls alike? Maybe turn it into a challenge! 

                Happy International Women's Day!  

                *IWD 2022 theme: Break The Bias! | United Nation IWD 2022 theme: Gender Equality Today For A Sustainable Tomorrow!

                KIRSTY GILBERT

                I am a busy mama of 2, with a love of great food, and good music. A Neitiv blogger, an animal lover, intrigued by naturopathy, I feel at peace when in the great outdoors exploring.  

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